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 AVERAGE COST is $80.00 a sq. ft. 
Shell Only $65.00 a sq. ft or less

Cost of a Traditional home is $75.00 to $155.00 a sq. ft.

Cost X's square foot = Sales Price. Example: $75.00 x 1000 sq ft. = $75,000 Unfinished Shell.

A unfinished shell is a home with the outside of the home done. Internal is not ready to move at that time. It also help you save money due to you doing some of the work, such as the Kitchen cabinets, Frame work, and Upstairs can be added at that time.


Above is a 35 ft. Dome having 961 sq. ft. of living area with a small loft. And 200 sq. ft. of garage area.

Below is a 32 ft. Dome with 804 sq. ft. living area.


This is a 25 ft. Dome having 491 sq. ft. of living area.


The Dome below is a 36 ft. dome that has 1,018 sq. ft. of living area and could have a small upstairs at around 300 sq. ft.



Click on the photo below to see the home built from this floor plan.


This Dome below is a 50 ft. having 1,963 sq. ft. of living area and a second floor that has 893 sq. ft. of living space or a large loft.


Floorpains/medium2bed.jpg Floorpains/med2.jpg

Thanks to Monolithic Dome Institute (MDI)