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 AVERAGE COST is $95.00 a sq. ft. 
Shell Only $75.00 a sq. ft or less

Cost of a Traditional home is $75.00 to $155.00 a sq. ft.
Sample Floor Plans: 

Cost X's square foot = Sales Price. Example: $75.00 x 1000 sq ft. = $75,000 Unfinished Shell.


Above is a 35 ft. Dome having 961 sq. ft. of living area with a small loft. And 200 sq. ft. of garage area.

Below is a 32 ft. Dome with 804 sq. ft. living area.


This is a 25 ft. Dome having 491 sq. ft. of living area.


The Dome below is a 36 ft. dome that has 1,018 sq. ft. of living area and could have a small upstairs at around 300 sq. ft.



Click on the photo below to see the home built from this floor plan.


This Dome below is a 50 ft. having 1,963 sq. ft. of living area and a second floor that has 893 sq. ft. of living space or a large loft.


Floorpains/medium2bed.jpg Floorpains/med2.jpg

Thanks to Monolithic Dome Institute (MDI)